Therapeutic Sound

Individual or group sessions using Sound in a therapeutic way.

This can bring about deep healing and transformation as well as the more obvious use for relaxation.

The vibration of the Sound Waves pass through the body and massage every cell. This feels amazing and is so deeply restful, people just can't wait to come back!

But also, exciting research has been done and is growing to prove some huge benefits and changes at this cellular level. It's good to have science behind this wonderful therapy.

A session will involve the Sound vibration from beautiful and ancient instruments such as Singing bowls, Gongs, Drums, and also Voice as a healing tool.

I love working individually with clients. This is a very personal session tailored to your specific needs and allows much creativity and deep nurturing to allow space for gentle, profound Healing at many levels. You will be fully clothed, on a treatment couch, warm and safe, A really special experience.

Sound Baths, Drum meditations and Mantra classes are held regularly at Cobblestones.

I can offer private Sound Baths. Great for a work social, special birthday, or just because :-)

Please contact me with any enquiries.