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Louise (Devi Sita)

Sat Nam beautiful people!

Sat Nam translates as 'Truth is my essence'.

Thank you for visiting my website….I’ll explain a little about myself here, but please just hop onto an 'Om Sweet Om' class and you’ll see for yourself if my way of teaching resonates with you. I very much hope it does, I would love to work with you.

I'll let you into a secret... I haven't really had a proper job! This is my life... Over 30 years immersion in Yoga, Bodywork, Spirituality, Meditation, Gongs, Mantra.

I struggle to call this work because it’s what I am, It’s my 'Sat Nam'. And I'd love to help you move deeper into yours.

Your Truth. Your Essence. Your Identity.

I am an Earth sign (Virgo), and so the way I share the teachings of Yoga come across with this down to earth quality. Yoga is a vast set of 'tools for life', that we can dip into as situations arise to give us what we need.

Yes, we will gain spiritual depth, strong flexible bodies, have more energy, and fantastic breath control, but we also need to know how to keep it together when life throws us a curve ball.

These amazing practices can really help, and I’m passionate about sharing them with you, so that life is easier to navigate with humour, grace, balance, strength and growth.

My classes have evolved to incorporate the Yogic tools I have found most effective through my own many years of study and personal practice. Let me share this knowledge with you...

I offer different classes in different Yoga styles (see explanations), but always I will teach with warmth, humour and clarity to help you step into your true peaceful strength.

I like to invite you to go inward... To take your time, to listen, to respond, to work with your body, at your pace.

And to breathe, breathe deeply... to let go... to see where your Sat Nam leads you...

May the Long time Sun shine upon you

All Love Surround You

And the Pure light within You,

Guide your way on.

Devi Sita xx

Devi Sita

This is my spiritual name, and here is the meaning:

"Devi means one who is angelic and divine. Sita represents the energy of the Universal Mother and the Goddess of the harvest. Your soul’s gift is that of easily personifying the divine and celestial energy of the Universal Mother on Earth. In this way those around you are inspired and comforted by your angelic oneness with the nurturing, maternal, compassionate and infinite aspects of the Divine."